DDA Glass Manifestation Solutions

DDA manifestations are requirement throughout the work place to comply with building regulations. Glazing should be clearly identified, the minimal requirements are for 2 rows of 50mm dots, squares or band, located between 85cm – 100cm & at between 140cm – 160cm 
We are specialists in our field & offer an array of solutions for DDA compliance

Or for a greater level of privacy you can choose from full cover, part cover, perhaps a pattern, logo or text or incorporated, solid bands with vision gaps, images can be printed onto frost and other effects, whatever your requirements we can cost effectively transform your office glass by applying our films, or to just comply with the minimal requirements

All work is bespoke and made to order, we do not have fixed prices of X per M2 – each job is competitively priced based on your individual requirements, no job is too small.

We are happy to advise on your DDA options. The quickest way to get costing is by emailing us your requirements, simply confirm sizes & quantity of glass (or length in meters) & a brief description of what you require, when you require work completed, also a photo of the area helps!

DDA Manifestation Photos